énjokicsiI have been clicked on the bike for about 7 years. The whole thing happened because of a guy, and my first, beautiful bike. Then I started to learn how to sew so that I can realize all the ideas I had. My ideas just keep coming. The first idea, about four years ago came while I was climbing a mountain in Slovenia, it was the idea of a top. I was wondering why not to make a top like a jersey, but from a different material, something more natural? Then I had the idea that there are these messenger caps, they are great, but they are not unique, why is there only the same dozen of everything?So I established a brand, and made a one-person workshop.As I also cycle, I wanted my things to be not only attractive and unique, but practical and enduring as well. At present, I make the majority of the caps, tops and other things on order. I use more and more materials (on occasions I reuse my old clothes or materials) and patterns. I have ready-made items I designed. I also make caps for teams, and I made the popular Budapest messenger caps. Since the beginning I made many caps, clothes, I have had many ideas and I have been affected by many things. As I am learning more and more, the small shop of ideas is developing and improving, making myself and others happy. Since I started my work I organized many fashion shows, fairs, markets and gave many interviews. I have cooperated with other designers, and gained a lot of experiences.